Your Landscape Photography through Your Camera Drone

  • The importance of having these drones on your photography
  • Presenting images in a variety of angles, courtesy of these camera drones
  • A photography tool that is perfect for landscape photographers

Many people are asking, why is there a need to have a camera drone with you? Although the reasons might vary, but there are those that find these drones important for their type of photography.

Such as in the case of landscape photographers. These are the gadgets that they really need. A camera drone for a landscape photographer will literally take him to places. These mini planes are capable of capturing panoramic views, which is often used in landscape photography.

So if you are a landscape photographer, or at least setting your sights of capturing scenic views, a camera drone is what you need. It would be impossible for you to create, produce and even capture scenes from afar if you’re not using a camera drone, in the first place. You these gadgets right from the get-go.

And is the site to go to for these drones. It is a digital photography school that shows you everything you need when it comes to photography gadgets, from cameras to tripods to drones, every tool that improves your type of photography, Cameradojo has it.

Read also some of the reviews has in its blog. Get to know more about this cool gadget as part of your photography paraphernalia, even as you become an informed buyer yourself with these comprehensive reviews.

And if you’re one of those who are asking why is there a need to have a camera drone around, then knowing it is capable of making significant improvements to your camera angles is enough reason for you to give these drones a chance.

More of these drones in Cameradojo through this link,, and be the best landscape photographer in the process.


Great Graphic Designs for Your Resume

  • Resume templates you can get online with some graphic designs in it
  • Incorporating that graphic design in your resume that best expresses your personality
  • Developing as an artist by making a resume with great graphic designs in it

Yes, it’s quite possible that you can incorporate graphic designs in your resume. In fact, there are graphic resume sample templates that you can download on the web.


These templates are oftentimes used by graphic artist when applying for a job. Using these graphic resume sample templates has a twofold effect. One, you are showcasing your ability to merge graphic art and content design into one. And two, you make your resume visually appealing, which should be the staple of graphic artists applying for a job.

There’s an unending supply of graphic resume sample templates online. This is expected, in the first place. The demand of sending resumes that are visually appealing are on the rise, that is, if you consider the recent job openings we have online, which concerns mostly of web development or design-based work.

So these graphic resume sample templates are here to stay. Every artist can use these samples if they intend to apply to these big-time companies that would help develop their talent.

It is perfectly fine to use these graphic resume sample templates if you’re an artist. Not that you don’t know how to design your resume, but that you accentuate your form even more with the aid of these templates. Now that is taking your design prowess to the next level, enabling you to have that job in no time.

So what’s keeping you from using these templates? Download it now, and secure that job that you’ve been dreaming about. That is the advantage of having these graphic resume sample templates, especially for an artist like you.


How Cool Are These Lightroom Presets

  • Choosing the perfect app for your photos
  • Hundreds of presets available online for your photo editing
  • Adding cool effects to your photos using Lightroom presets

Anyone who is familiar with photography would tell you that editing photos is not that easy. If you don’t have the right tools with you, chances are, you will find yourself at a loss at times on how to deal with color enhancements and texture adjustments. This is where Lightroom presets come in.


Lightroom offers a unique proposition when it comes to photo editing. It uses presets, applications that you can apply and incorporate on your images, for effects or improvement.

Now, there are tons of Lightroom presets online. They number in the hundreds. So you need not worry if you don’t come up with that desired effect, because Lightroom has a corresponding preset for every effect you can think of.

If in the past you seek some assistance from photographers when editing your photos, today, though, you need none of that. As soon as you download these Lightroom presets, you can edit your images the way you imagined it.

Consider this list of presets available with Lightroom: vintage, black and white, wedding, fashion, infrared, polaroid. You name it, Lightroom has it. So it makes sense if you use Lightroom presets from now one because you’re improving your photo images in a lot of ways, not just adjusting its light or color scheme.

Download these Lightroom presets today. Enough of these ordinary photo editing tools that doesn’t add much, even to the aura of your image. You can make a difference by using these cool presets for Lightroom that never fails to make an impression.

Now that you know what it means to have these Lightroom presets for your photos, deciding to use it might be your most important decision as far as photo editing goes.


A Wedding Photographers Story

  • What is the most exhausting yet pleasurable type of photography?
  • Wedding photography is one of the most tiring photography sessions.
  • “Are you sure you can do the job well?”

Well, if you would ask me about the most exhausting yet pleasurable type of photography, I will definitely tell you a straightforward answer: Wedding Photography.

Photo1Why? Because even if I am fully aware that it is a once in a lifetime event for the couple, the whole wedding session preparation is not easy. That’s why I prefer 3 to 6 months wedding preparation since I also need to prepare myself, my abilities and skills to provide the best wedding photography service.

While wedding photography is one of the most tiring photography sessions, I also consider it as a training ground and an add on to my portfolio and experience. The important thing for me when covering a wedding is to see my client(s) happy with my images.

So as a photographer, I would like to share some thoughts and tips on how to become the best wedding photographer in your community. I’m not asking you to follow these tips, instead, I would ask you to internalize and see if these things can help you grow as a photographer.

“Are you sure you can do the job well?” I know most of you (amateurs and professional photographers) know that this simple question matters a lot. Wedding photography is hard, and you don’t want to just accept your clients money and give them nonsense images. Asking yourself this type of question will help you decide whether or not accept the job.

Another thing to before accepting wedding photography offers is to make sure you’re prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. Not just that, you also have to make sure that your photography gears and equipments are intact and functional. In today’s modern era, a camera and a lens is not enough. Photographers often consider using advanced technologies like drones, action camera, photo processing software like Adobe Lightroom with a Lightroom presets for wedding bundle collection.

Basically, these are just some important reminder to ponder on. Hopefully, you can use this as a guide and help you grow as a wedding photographer.


Becoming a Cinematographer with Lightroom Presets

  • Film effect on your photos with Lightoom presets
  • A chance of becoming a cinematographer with some aid from Lightroom presets
  • Creating that interactive feel on your photos with Lightroom film presets

You can be like a cinematographer with Lightroom. Lightroom film presets allow you to create pictures with some cinematic twist, recreating that image from the film itself, this time through photography.

Lightroom film presets are one of a kind as far as creating that cinematic glow on your photo image. You get to see pictures that, at cursory glance, looked like real life characters. It has that perfect blend of colors and the texture of your images are more pronounced you can almost feel its edges.

That’s the effect these Lightroom film presets has for your photos. If you are a cinema buff, then you will have a good time with these presets because it makes your film dreams come true, encapsulating it in a photograph.

LR 24

Just think about those images you have seen in the movie and imagine it with your photos. These Lightroom film presets will make that possible for you. You can have that effect by way of enhancing its color, saturation, and even in its luminosity. These photos, nonetheless, will make your image look good online.

Lightroom film presets are perfect, too, with artsy websites. With its more graphic effects, you get to see vivid images that you can only experience in the movies. So if you’re into the arts, you might want to use these Lightroom film presets from now on.

Stop using those old-fashioned tools in recreating those scenes from your favorite films, use these Lightroom film presets and your photos will never be the same again.

It is the ultimate collection in creating photo versions of classic and modern films. It has the tools for those intricate effects that only cinematographers are capable of doing. Now, however, it is your time to become one, a budding cinematographer with Lightroom film presets as your tools.

It certainly sounds like a good job, to begin with.


Never Underestimate The Influence Of Lightroom Presets.

  • Having a hard time modifying your images?
  • Adobe Lightroom is not a replacement of Photoshop.
  • Why use Lightroom presets?

Having a hard time modifying your images? Well, I think now is the best time to use Adobe Lightroom and its presets. It can help you save a lot of time and effort in editing tons of images. Lightroom presets make everything easier, it also saves you from the traditional one by one editing which often take a lot of time before you can actually finish it. Adobe developed the idea of presets to help amateurs and professional photographers with their workflow.

LR47One of the greatest things about Lightroom presets is that you can create a wide variety of styles and effects. Presets could be black and white, vintage, HDR, Lomo or Sepia. In addition, you don’t have to make a lot of it since presets are reusable and modifiable; you can edit presets anytime you want to make it suitable for the image.

However, people often misunderstood Adobe Lightroom as a replica or a replacement of Photoshop. But the truth is: Lightroom will never replace Photoshop. Both editing programs have its own unique features and services. There’s no reason to make a protest out of it. Lightroom has presets, and Photoshop has its own actions. In my opinion, presets are more useful, since creating it doesn’t take a lot of time though actions would also be a good choice.

Creating Lightroom Presets

Creating preset is easy as it only takes a few minutes before it gets done. The first thing to do is to go to the Develop Module in Lightroom and open the control panel. Once opened, you can now start making your presets (Apply basic adjustments: Brightness, Hue, Exposure, Contrast and etc.). The last step is to save the file as presets and you’re done.


Best Advantages of Using Lightroom Presets

  • In 2006, Adobe has launched the first beta version of Lightroom.
  • In 2007, Adobe re-launched Adobe Lightroom in the market and this time with a stable interface.
  • Lightroom will never be a replacement for Adobe Photoshop.

Ever since the Adobe system launched the first version of Adobe Lightroom in 2006, they have always been consistent in making the best software update. The goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of every photographer and help them speed up the whole editing process. At present, both amateur and professional photographers know that Adobe Lightroom is the best and reliable editing tool in the market.


Lightroom Overview:

In 2006, Adobe has launched the first beta version of Lightroom. They started releasing it for free, but then there were a lot of complaints and bug issues. The company decided to pull it out and make some changes.

In 2007, Adobe re-launched Adobe Lightroom in the market and this time with a stable interface and reliable editing performance. Basically, the main feature of Lightroom is called Lightroom presets, a series of filtered images with various adjustments and styles that can be applied to one or more images all at once.

Photoshop and Lightroom

There were reviews and feedbacks saying Lightroom is a replacement or cover up for Photoshop. In my opinion, Lightroom will never be a replacement for Adobe Photoshop because both software provides unique editing capabilities.

Photoshop is a more complex program that only professional photographers can understand. Lightroom is an easy-to-use tool which aims to simplify the life of every photographer. Adobe Lightroom also contains several benefits and one of it is the ability to create and download presets for Lightroom 2016.

Aside from the fact that Adobe Lightroom can save a lot of time, money and effort, it can also help photographers speed up the whole editing tasks as it can:

  • Copy and Paste Images Easily
  • Generate tons of Lightroom presets
  • Produce High-quality images
  • Modify images using seven different modules
  • Convert RAW and JPEG files
  • Apply presets to one or more images at once.

If you want to know more about Lightroom presets, visit


Your Key To Success: Lightroom Presets

  • Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing tool created by Adobe System in 2007.
  • Their ultimate goal of LR is to provide assistance to photographers.
  • You don’t have to be an expert in photography in using a camera.

Basically, you don’t have to be an expert in photography in using DSLR or digital cameras to take wonderful images. The only thing that matters when taking pictures is how you manage it after the shoot or how do you edit it in a post processing tool. If you don’t know the answers yet, this article will guide you to understand the importance of using the best processing tool like Lightroom for the success of your images.


For newbies, Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing tool created and developed by the famous Adobe System in 2007. Their ultimate goal is to provide assistance to photographers who wish to have a stress free editing workload. Adobe Lightroom, on the other hand, contains a tool called Lightroom presets that can be applied to one or more images at once.

If you have been to Adobe’s official website, you’ll see a bunch of Adobe products, and one of it is Lightroom. The idea of creating the program was not to replace nor remove the famous Adobe Photoshop, but instead to help photographers simplify their editing tasks. Photographers can do everything in Lightroom such as modify images using presets, create wedding invitation templates and slide shows.

Adobe Lightroom is also known for its ability to convert JPEG and RAW file formats. In addition, the program contains seven different modules in which users are allowed to import, export, sort, organize, modify and share images online via the Web Module.

Moreover, Adobe Lightroom contains editing features similar to Photoshop such as Advance Healing and Brush tools, Paint, crop, color eye-drop and more. It can also do basic color adjustments (brightness, hue, contrast, saturation, toning and removing noise.


That Outdoor Take with Photoshop Actions

  • Photoshop actions that can change the mood of your landscape photos
  • Experimenting with a variety colors to use for your outdoor photos
  • Free Photoshop actions available online for outdoor photography

Many people find landscape photography fulfilling. Unlike portraits where you are limited to the face of your subject, landscape photography is much more expansive. Literally, at times. You can do so much with landscape photography.

Now here comes Photoshop actions. It is a photo enhancing solution that incorporates an interactive feel on your photo, giving that “action” element that is not found with other apps. And one of its more popular actions to date is its collection of outdoor Photoshop actions.


There are benefits if one uses these outdoor Photoshop actions on their pictures, and we shall count them:

  1. It changes the mood with one click – Yes; you can actually change the mood with a mere click of that mouse. From an outdoor shot one cool springtime, you can change that in a few seconds into a dreamy fall, complete with that worn out radiance prevalent during autumn.
  2. It colors your world – There are over 100 free Photoshop actions online, including a variety of outdoor Photoshop actions for your landscape scenes, so the choices are in abundance.
  3. It channels the light quite well – Since you can edit the saturation and luminosity of your photo images, it goes without saying that you have complete control over the use of light on your photo.
  4. It carefully stores your files – Mind you, these outdoor Photoshop actions has its own storing system as well for your files through a customized folder.

You can also do some sharing, including the use of keywords on your files, with these outdoor Photoshop actions. So the list of benefits seemed unending with Photoshop actions.

Download these actions now and experiment with it to your heart’s content. Treat yourself with the best and appropriate photo enhancing solution to your outdoor photos.

Then, like the rest of those who dig landscape photography, you’ll be able to say that it is one of the most satisfying photography forms there is. Who knows, you can be an expert landscape photographer with the help of these outdoor Photoshop actions.


Understanding Presets in Lightroom

  • Lightroom has the capacity to convert both RAW and JPEG files.
  • Presets are reusable and modifiable
  • Using presets for your images is I guess the best solution for everything.

One of the benefits of the top editing software in the industry; Lightroom, is the capacity to convert both RAW and JPEG files. Adobe, the company who developed and built the program decided to create Lightroom because they want to help professional photographers with their editing workloads since Adobe Lightroom has presets that can be applied to one or more images in just a few simple clicks.

gThis article will focus more on how to deal with the basic features of the program as well as using portrait Lightroom presets the easiest way. In addition, this article will give you more information on what Lightroom has to offer and how will it help your life easy as before.

As what we’ve tackled earlier, portrait Lightroom presets are the heart and soul of the program. Adobe intentionally include it to make the editing process simple and convenient. Presets, as we all know are a series of edited images, people refer to it as filtered images. It can either be black and white, sepia, vintage and other filter design. Moreover, Lightroom is a non-destructive editing tool which preserves the original setting of an unedited image so you’ll never need to worry about losing files and adjustments in it.

Lastly, what people like about Adobe Lightroom is that presets are reusable and modifiable. They can change the effects and adjust settings anytime they want. Some people have no time to create their own presets, so they end up downloading free or paid presets online. I know one site called Sleeklens that offers free and paid workflows for photographers and I can say that they’re products are amazing since images have high-quality presets.

Using presets for your images is I guess the best solution for everything. You can save a lot of time in editing images thus giving you more extra time to attend other important work-related engagements.